The b.kini appear in 2012 when the creators, Margarida Egea and Ana Silveira, came across the lack of originality between the brands of bikinis present in the national market. These were mostly Brazilian and Colombian, often inaccessible to the Portuguese public.

Since then, there weren’t no Portuguese brands decided to create one based on the combination of unique patterns and originality of models for confident and stylish women.

The concept of b.kini is based, from day one, on the unique and unlikely combination of patterns creating models of bikinis and swimsuits with modern and creative design. Note that, the b.kini lycras are white, then printed with the patterns themselves, produced and worked exclusively in this brand of swimwear.

The goals of b.kini is always launch different models and patterns, differing from other brands in the market. Follow all the news of b.kini that promise to surprise!


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