Washing Conditions:

Learn what to do for your swimwear until next summer because lycras exposed to large amounts of sun, salt and chlorine can change the color and damage the piece.

Precautions to take care of your b.kini:

» Wash by hand, using warm water and without any detergent removing all chlorine and salt residues;
» Do not leave the piece wet in plastic bags or sauce so as not to stain;
» Gently squeeze without twisting;
» Do not use a washer, dryer or dry cleaner;
» Never iron;
» Dry in the shade, horizontally and in a ventilated place;
» Do not leave the part in contact with solvents, cosmetics, sunscreens and other chemicals, with the risk of degrading the color and causing stains;

»Avoid direct contact with rough surfaces to avoid damaging the workpiece;
» Remove all sand residue with the dry part.

NOTE: b.kini can't be held responsible for improper use of the pieces or incorrect washing of them. To clarify any doubt or occurrence, please contact us HERE

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